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All artists at T H E . S P A C E have received extensive training both nationally & internationally . Each client receives a prescription haircut to suit their face shape, hair texture & style. Regular trims are really important to stop split ends traveling up the hair shaft. 

We use hair colour that thinks it’s a treatment! PETA approved COLOR.ME is ammonia, PPD and cruelty free. It is packed full of natural ingredients and leaves the hair in optimum condition.
All of our artists are colour experts and have all received extensive training even to level of a colour specialist. 
**colour prices do not include cut or blowdry 

For all our treatments the hair is exfoliated to remove silicone and unwanted product build-up which detoxifies sluggish hair, repairs scalp damage and protects against hair loss. We then cleanse using texture-specific wash, finishing off with a gorgeous shiatsu head massage. 

| Kevin.Murphy KMX Ritual moisturising treatment |

A quick fix to instantly rehydrate the hair and smooth out the cuticle

| Kevin.Murphy KMX Ritual strengthening treatment |

To promote hair elasticity, improving colour retention and shine

| Ola Plex  2 step treatment |

Limits damage to hair during & after colouring