Please check out our booking online for price list

**colour prices do not include finishing service (cut or blowdry) 

All artists at T H E . S P A C E have received extensive training both nationally & internationally . Each client receives a prescription haircut to suit their face shape, hair texture & style. Regular trims are really important to stop split ends traveling up the hair shaft. 

All of our artists are colour experts and have all received extensive training even to level of a colour specialist. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: What is your cancellation policy ? We request a minimum of 72 hours notice of change, reschedule or cancellation to your appointment by phone call during open hours only. If insufficient notice is given, you will lose your booking fee. If an appointment is missed with no notice, we can not allow any future appointments unless you are a regular and have no history of no show. If appointments are cancelled or reschduled regularly full pre payment will be required.

QUOTES: Can you give an exact quote over the phone ? An artist will need to assess your hair before giving an exact quotation.Our receptionists altho very knowledgeable are not expert artists and can not tell the needs of your hair over the phone or in person. They can give a guide estimate for the services you have booked in for altho bare in mind upon visual assessment by your artist the services needed to achieve your desired look often changes which can effect the total quote.

ALLERGY TEST: Do I need an allergy test? All colour clients must be allergy tested in the previous 6 months or at minimum 48hrs prior to hair appointment. You can pop into the salon any time during opening hours for an allergy test, its free of charge and only take 5minutes. Alternatively you can purchase an at home allergy test from our online shop https://shop.phorest.com/businesses/Xo6qYriSS0A1yQ7ol2_7cQ/branches/pT5xk24x09LgMAJtV0o0Qg/products/hxq5lo91eWUHlZwaLqFq1akPFsw6bnx8XCronaRxplI