Carla Rose Mc Quillan and her team of incredible artists possessed a sense of responsibility to help evolve the hairdressing industry. Together they manifested  an industry phenomenon, T H E . S P A C E.

 T H E  S P A C E
Hair Soul Beauty

“The love I have for my industry drives me with insatiable passion. I never take for granted the opportunity to add beauty onto another human being, which in turn effects their confidence, and changes how they face the world. In T H E . S P A C E we get to empower others. We believe in our craft. We believe that combined with continual education there is a special skill set required to form an all-round expert artist. Our artists have Precision, knowledge, creativity, and an eye for detail. My intention for T H E . S P A C E is to help evolve and uphold our industry, to protect its value and to provide excellence in a space that is accessible and inviting to all.” Carla Rose Mc Quillan.

Our desire is to make others not only look completely beautiful, but also inspire the idea that lasting beauty is developed from within. Each of us can help to tip the balance toward positive change within our industry. At T H E . S P A C E we hope we tempt our clients to consider our new perspective on beauty.

Our mission is for you to leave looking good and filled up of good energy  <3


 At  T H E . S P A C E we have chosen an enlightened approach to business. All authentic creativity has its origin in the soul. We believe that in each individual lies their own inherent lightness and natural creativity, which when nourished leads to a more harmonious fulfilled lifestyle. We stay true to our commitment of nourishing all aspects of the soul, working from a place of clarity promoting an atmosphere of openness. Our team is encouraged to start every morning with a 10-minute meditation experience, here we take time to be deeply in the now, we declutter our minds from any heaviness that could be blocking our creative flow and lightness of being. Meditation helps us to connect as a team and ensures that we begin each day in the best possible physical, mental and emotional state (you should join us ) it’s fabulous.

Our space is your space so please help yourself to our freshly brewed coffee, our tantalising tea of the day , fresh fruits, nuts and nibbles. We invite you to explore, have a browse through our book shelf. You are free to relax and breath in our amazing open air courtyard, or to simply just plug in your iPad hang out and catch up on life.


Is to strive for the best by only using the highest performing products with highest natural quality and to always be mindful of optimum hair health. We all depend on our planets environment, that is a universal truth that applies to every living being. We choose to partner with brands who are care about our environment & industry. 


We host regular soulful events like yoga workshops, art classes, poetry reading, movie nights and all things good for the soul really. We will keep you updated on all events by social and blog so be sure to stay connected with us.


Continual Professional Development

We have introduced a compulsory CPD initiative which guarantees the excellence of our teams  skills. Each artist at T H E . S P A C E will acquire continual educational development. This will be recorded via a points system and will enable us to guarantee the most current trends and technologies resulting in technical and creative brilliance.

T H E . S P A C E is a creative space its open to all forms of art and beauty we invite other artist to come and use our space or even join the team – email hello@thespace.ie